Flowers for Mommy

Flowers for Mommy  by Elena Sigtryggsson
Flowers for Mommy , a photo by Elena Sigtryggsson on Flickr.

Flowers for Mommy

Todays outdoor office....

Todays outdoor office.... by 5gypsykings
Todays outdoor office...., a photo by 5gypsykings on Flickr.

Todays outdoor office....

Night at office..... beautiful.

Night at office..... beautiful.

Untitled by 5gypsykings
Untitled, a photo by 5gypsykings on Flickr.

Busy busy busy

When life gives you lemons.... add water and honey.
It's been a crazy past month. I hurt my knee which forced me to sit and relax for a bit. I took this time to really get my business back on track.
I've added many new flowers and soon will be adding bouquets, stay tuned.

Newest creations....

I've started to make flowers to compliment our tutus. I've not listed any for sale as I'm still working on attachments. Headbands, hairclips, and pins.
Stay tuned....
Make sure to comment how you would like to see our flowers sold.

and the winner is...

Denver portrait photographer Farrah Jobling. Farrah won a custom designed tutu from and I'm so excited to create something special.

When you get a chance check out her work.... Farrah Jobling Photography

To the other entrants.. watch your email in the next few days for something special.

Thank you again for all the positive feedback. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, we are currently having another giveaway.

Giveaway - Calling all photographers...

Itty Bitty Bettys will be giving away one custom designed tutu to a photographer. To enter email with the subject line "Photo Tutu Giveaway", include your name, name of your business, the link to your photography business website, and phone number I can reach you at when you win.

Drawing will take place April 1st 2010.

If you don't have a website, but are still wanting to enter into a drawing... check out Itty Bitty Bettys on facebook for our 500 fans giveaway.

Minor reconstruction

Many appologies for the next day... working on getting the right feel for the site.